Halakhic Man p.4

Halakhic man is not some illegitimate, unstable hybrid. On the contrary, out of the contradictions and antimonies there emerges a radiant, holy personality whose soul has been purified in the furnace of struggle and opposition and redeemed in the fires of the torments of spiritual disharmony to a degree unmatched by the universal homo religiosus. The deep split of the soul prior to its being united may, at times, raise a man to a rank of perfection, which for sheer brilliance and beauty is unequaled by any level attained by the simple, whole personality who has never been tried by the pangs of spiritual discord. “In accordance with the suffering is the reward” [Avot 5:23] and in accordance with the split the union! This spiritual fusion that characterized halakhic man is distinguished by its consummate splendor, for did not the split touch the very depths, the innermost core, of his being?


Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik – Halakhic Man p.4