The Drama of the Gifted Child p.81

A young woman wants to free herself from her patriarchal family in which her mother was completely subjected by her father. She marries a submissive man and seems to behave quite differently from her mother. Her husband allows her to bring her lovers in the house. She does not permit herself any feelings of jealousy or tenderness and wants to have relations with a number of men without any emotional ties, so that she can feel as autonomous as a man. Her need to be ‘progressive’ goes so far that she allows her partners to abuse and humiliate her as they wish, and she suppresses all her feelings of mortification and anger in the belief that this makes her modern and free from prejudice. In this way she carries over both her childhood obedience and her mother’s submissiveness into these relationships. At times she suffers from a severe depression.


Alice Miller – The Drama of the Gifted Child p.81

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