Why Gender Matters p.259

The transgender activists seem to be motivated not primarily by data or research but by a belief: the belief that transgender is a normal variation.  If that’s true – if being transgender is a normal variation, just like being left-handed – then any effort to align a patient’s gender identify with their biological sex would clearly be misguided, just as trying to make a left-handed person write with their right hand is misguided.

But transgender is not a normal variation. People with normal variations such as left-handedness do not require any professional intervention. But a transgender individual will require treatment with sex hormones and perhaps even sex-reassignment surgery in order to live in the other-sex role. Left-handed people don’t need prescription medications or surgical intervention in order to live as left-handed people. But a transgender individual will need lifelong treatment with cross-sex hormones in order to pass as a member of the other sex.

Prior to 1942, prescription female hormones were not available. And without prescription hormones, an adult male wearing a dress looks like. . .  a man in a dress. The modern conception of transgender – the notion that a child born male can, as an adult, be made to look like a woman and “pass” as a woman – rests on the ready availability of intervention such as electrolysis, plastic surgery, and prescription hormones. It is as much a creation of the modern world as the telephone and the digital computer.


Leonard Sax – Why Gender Matters p.259


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